what we're up too

Here's whats going on with our life's

I've recently been  learning how to be a mommy and trying not to screw him up too much. I'm also the homemaker (basically means I don't have a job but it sounds less lazy.) and pretty much clean and have fun decorating our little home and watching our little boys personality come out. I've been doing lots of zumba lately and  Tyler's teaching me guitar and so far I can roughly play "rocky raccoon" , "follow you into the dark", and "You cry a tear to start a river". I still love Crocheting and Now that the kid popped out I am loving playing sports and running around again.

 Is working as a negotiator at a short sales business and recently got his Realtor License! He also gets to use his artiest mind and create the News articles for his business.In addition to that he's been writing amazing new songs as usual and sketching cool pictures (makes me a little jealous sometimes)
We've both
 become addicted to Lie to me and Modern family and watch them almost every day. Every Morning as we drive to work we bump the radio to the Mikey Show, always gets us laughing). We've been exploring California and finding some really cool places. Been swimming in the pool a lot and can't wait to go buggie boarding, just waiting for the ocean to warm up.

 Almost a year old! His favorite food is gram crackers. He loves Being thrown on the bed, walking along furniture, playing peek-a-boo, watching Yo Gabba Gabba, playing with his toys, splashing in the bath, and exploring around the house . Boston is now crawling and getting really close to walking. He is such an amazing baby and we're so happy to have him for a son, we love him so much!
That pretty much sums it up for now