Saturday, December 31, 2011

11 months old

 new beanie (messy house)
 watching yo gabba gabba with his brobee blanket
bed head

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas morning

 opening gifts


sweater party

 The sweaters

 cute sasha
Hill and me

 They're a cute couple



 ready to go
 scenic drive
 our family
 the village
 The kids ( except ryan, he ran away)
 oh evergreens how I've missed you
 He wasn't sure what to think of the snow
 snow :)
 picture of a picture
 kay and steph
 the girls
 clapping for the lights to come on
 christmas lights
 hanging out
 I love this tree
 boston and daddy
they crashed our picture
 The beanie steph bought for boston :)
 pretzels mmm
 Me and Ty
 Dad chilling by the pretzel tree
 excited to crawl 
 thumbs up
 more lights
 bundled up
 warming up by the fire
 Boston and steph
 I love it when he cuddles
 The drive home
 close up
 pretty mountains 
 church clothes
snowy trees