Sunday, February 26, 2012

Big Bear (2nd Anniversary)

 The view
 More views
  close ups are the only way with two people

 boulder bay

 cool place to live
 The town
 sweet bottle
 Alice in wonderland tea party cake
 the lake
 I like this picture
 towel elephant 
 My tourist sweatshirt
 Oh yeah that was in our room




 Bear Mountain
 hitting the slopes

 rocking the skis 
 perfect day
 first time in the park (blurry disposable camera)
 relaxing on the lift
 board slide
 getting some air
 It was so pretty up there (cameras never do justice)
 after the crash (I ate it bad)

 the top

comfy bed

 our place
 My favorite restaurant
I'm crazy about him
 On our way home
 We missed our Boston :)
 Bostons souvenirs
I love that boy
we have a history with jones soda