Thursday, December 30, 2010

Beanies for Boston Shay

I'm addicted to this stuff
(that last one is suppose to be a booty..)
*taken with my new camera :)*

Wednesday, December 29, 2010


       This holiday season has been simply amazing. Completely different from my previous Christmas given the fact  we're in California but it's been perfect in every way. Starting our festive month we went to the Holiday nights in San Diego, It was so much fun. Balboa park was decked with lights, music, rides, and amazing food. Plus we got to see some pretty cool performances. I deff wanna go back next year. Later that month we had 2 ward christmas partys, sang songs, and loaded up on food and treats. Than a few days later Tylers work threw a christmas sushi party. And Dave, I must say you make some amazing sushi I would pay you for more any day.

      Christmas eve Tyler and I walked around the beach until our feet were swollen. Than crashsed at Mom and Dad Angels for some pizza and games. That night we opened a present early than made our bed by the fire. It was a good night :)

     I would like to thank our mystery 12 days of Christmas giver who ever you are! We love our gifts and cant explain to you how greatful we are . You made our christmas so fun and exciting. THANK YOU :)

      Christmas day we were up at 5 O'clock, like little kids we couldn't sleep any longer. We watched a video on jesus birth than quicklly tore our presents apart right after. Thank you family for all the great gifts :)!! We than played darts and drank hot cocoa until it was time to go see the fam. After We went to Joe Angel house for brunch and a gift exchange. When that was done we headed back to mom and dad angels to watch the santa clause than we watched all the kids open their presents. The rest of the day we played games with the kids until I was ready to pass out. It was a great christmas!!